Brain Toot (Free) App Bewertungen

Couldn't load

I couldn't load it on my iPod

Don't sign up for the free score keeper!!!

App isn't bad but they offer you a chance to sign on to their free website to compare high scores. They email you a link that tries to send you a virus when you click in it. Beware!!!!!!

Not bad, for free…

Although I'm not fond of this app's name, it is pretty decent. It offers a wider variety than it's competitor, Brain Tuner (free), even in this free version of the app. That said, I still think more variety could be added even to this app. Still, for a free "Brain Age"-style game, you can't go wrong with this one.

Easy A

It is so easy. All u do is math. Fun to do though.

Brain toot 

Awesome app to test youre lil ones :) kids enjoy using it on the touch scrreen wich distracts them from getting cranky with it. My daughter loves to Choose wich one to play with!

For braniacs and the unwitty only

I'm not a genius but not stupid and these questions are tricky


Excellent game and exercise you brain


i love this game its so fun and educational i was worried it was gonna be some dum game tht didnt work so any of u tht r reading this i recommend it!!!


Makes my brain work faster! Try it!

Awesome game

Simple and fun to use!


Never gets old way cool get it

Cool! :-D

Idk why ppl don't like it. It was free so why not? There r more levels than a lot of games and it is easy



To easy

It is waaaaaaay to easy

Excellent Game, Well Done, Great Price, but...

I like the brain test option, but maybe all of my brain did not show up at the time of the test. If I score over 500 on cup and ball set to (level) hard, can I stop taking the special bus to work? It takes a game like this to prove what a dummy I really am.

Fun & all but uhh...

Yeah, am I the only one that it says "failure to update to"? That's annoying after the 3rd time...

All right...

It was fun at first but then it said I had to quit. it is also hard.ut

Good work

Excelent app's okayy

it's pretty funn...the first time you take it..but everyy time you play get a more boringg and me..I wouldn't buy it..I'm about to erase it right now! :]

Good work

I u most get it.. It's free

Funny but don't like the name

It's funny, but I don't like the name of it, make it catchy.

I hate it


Lots of fun

I really like all the tests in the free version. Very addictive and lots of fun

Brain Toot (Free)

Wow, I can't believe this is free!


ya it's fun and all but u should probably rethink some stuff. it's not that good. and stop reminding me to buy the full version!

Cup and ball

Pretty fun I love the cup and ball one the best

brain toot

app kept crashing so just deleted it.

Pretty cool :)

I think it's alright ;) it makes you think but it doesn't seem like it... I always want to do better and beat my score. It's addicting!! Haha


I love this game. I recommend his to anyone who wants to refresh their brain and play a fun game!

love it

its pretty addicting. when you start playing it u want to beat ur score again (:

Cool App

This app is a great and convenient way to excercise your brain, which is something I need. And it's free! I don't like all the games, but enough to make me give it a good rating. Haven't tried the full version, but would like to see more games added to the free version.


Exits out ALOT. But a great game(:

Yo yo yo

I "think" (get it THINK:)) that it is really fun and warms up ur brain. Challange!!!!

I like it

It's nice 2 hav wen u wake up just to warm up ur brain I recomend it


It's free and helpful. Enjoy it!

It's fun

Fun but sometimes locks up

I looooovveee it!!!

Best brain game handz down!!!!

Fun game


Toot it up!!!

I love this game it's like that nintendo game brain age it keeps me busy!!!!

Great mind game

Many great options


This game is kinds cool


This game is plenty awesome

Nice game

I like this game it is fun and I taking the brain test

Great and fun game to think about!

Quite surprised with this game. Try it if you like these fun thinkers!


eh..culdve had more games..but alrite..

worth the download

I haven't tried the full version, but this free version is a nice way to kill a few minutes by engaging my brain.


Nice game


Ok this is so smart I love it I highly recomend it !

I guess ok

It isn't the best but it isn't bad. Could be more fun

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